A New Project for Creative Entrepreneurs

I am often asked if I do other types of photography work in addition to weddings.  The answer is yes, and I am so thrilled to launch a magazine project I have been working on for several months.

I once heard it said that there are two types of people in business: the workhorses and the show ponies. The workhorses put their heads down and struggle toward their goals, resigned to a long, grueling trek. The show ponies, on the other hand, confidently trot out their accomplishments and their cleverness for anyone who will listen. One is too modest; the other too boastful.

Here at Show Pony Magazine, we believe the most inspiring entrepreneur falls somewhere in the middle: the driven, business-savvy individual who makes a living doing work they love. It’s the BBQ chef who transforms a tiny Chicago rib joint into a neighborhood hot spot. It’s the pottery artisans who blend traditional techniques and local materials into unforgettable pieces. It’s the doll maker who sells her whimsical creations and the painter with commissioned works.

These are the kinds of people you’ll meet in our pages. Not multimillionaire CEOs, not hedge-fund managers, not self-proclaimed business gurus, but creative entrepreneurs who have turned their vision into a livelihood. Of course, they’re too busy being amazing artists and living their passion to be boastful show ponies, but, as you’ll see, their work clearly deserves to be celebrated.

That’s where Show Pony comes in. Whether you dream of opening a diner, starting a fashion line, or pursuing your creativity some other way, you’ll meet trailblazing entrepreneurs who have turned their artistic talent into thriving business. Hear their stories. Learn how they did it. Avoid their mistakes.

Think of it as part education, part inspiration.

Of course, it’s also a community. Every small-business owner faces challenges, and sometimes the thing that keeps you going is just hearing someone else say, “Hey, I’ve been there too, and I got through it.” The more we support each other, the more we empower ourselves as artists.

Those aren’t just empty words. This inaugural issue would not have been possible without the blood, sweat, and tears of like-minded artists and visionaries.  We look forward to cultivating that same support system for you. (Not to mention introducing you to amazing small businesses all around the country where you can shop, dine, and be inspired.)

So, explore these pages. Get to know some kindred spirits. Reach out and tell us what you think. Above all, keep pursuing your creative dreams. Because true joy isn’t about just making a living; it’s about making a life.


Issue-One-Cover A New Project for Creative EntrepreneursCover Photograph by Lissy Elle

Check of Issue One by clicking HERE

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Winter Weddings

Winter-Wedding Winter Weddings


In honor of the first blizzard of 2012 I am posting my favorite image from Alison and Jason’s snow filled wedding day.

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Featured Wedding Professional: Pure Kitchen Catering

pure-kitchen1 Featured Wedding Professional: Pure Kitchen Catering

Pure Kitchen Catering has created a business that is part of a collaborative effort to build a locally based food economy.  Chef Derrick and his team only buy ingredients from farmers within a 250 mile radius of Chicago. They have also committed to partnering with florists that use locally grown or reusable décor. Deborah Weisenhaus is one of the innovative artists that Pure Kitchen collaborates with on a regular basis. She envisioned her business, Art of Imagination, as an outlet for her brand of functional and creative event design. By combining her experiences in catering, lighting, and floral arts Deborah’s company has expanded to offer a comprehensive array of event production services.pure-kitchen2 Featured Wedding Professional: Pure Kitchen Cateringpure-kitchen4 Featured Wedding Professional: Pure Kitchen Cateringpure-kitchen5 Featured Wedding Professional: Pure Kitchen Cateringpure-kitchen6 Featured Wedding Professional: Pure Kitchen Cateringpure-kitchen9 Featured Wedding Professional: Pure Kitchen Cateringpure-kitchen10 Featured Wedding Professional: Pure Kitchen Cateringpure-kitchen12 Featured Wedding Professional: Pure Kitchen Cateringpure-kitchen14 Featured Wedding Professional: Pure Kitchen Cateringpure-kitchen15 Featured Wedding Professional: Pure Kitchen Catering

“Pure Kitchen catering brings to you a service that values a traditional way of thinking about food. Our cuisine is based on the principles of location and season, with an emphasis on the home-made.  We want the flavors of our food to be a highlight of every event. Buying only local ingredients not only helps us do our part to support our local community, but it makes a difference in the quality of our food –the less time between the farm and your plate, the brighter the taste.”pure-kitchen17 Featured Wedding Professional: Pure Kitchen Cateringpure-kitchen19 Featured Wedding Professional: Pure Kitchen Cateringpure-kitchen20 Featured Wedding Professional: Pure Kitchen Cateringpure-kitchen22 Featured Wedding Professional: Pure Kitchen Cateringpure-kitchen24 Featured Wedding Professional: Pure Kitchen Cateringpure-kitchen25 Featured Wedding Professional: Pure Kitchen Cateringpure-kitchen26 Featured Wedding Professional: Pure Kitchen Catering

I always thought that the beauty of having a meal prepared for you was enjoying the final product.  After witnessing the process of creating a meal I now know that I was mistaken. Chef Derrick is truly a culinary artist and having the opportunity to observe his precise attention to detail was very gratifying.  His entire team for worked diligently to ensure that the final product was reflective of their brand.  The beauty of choosing to do business with independent establishments is that you are spending your money with people who care deeply about their product or service.  Instead of simply being a consumer, you can make the choice to become part of a community.  Supporting your local artisans allows you to enhance the economic, environmental and social health of your neighborhood.


Pure Kitchen Catering

324 N. Leavitt Chicago IL. 60612


Art of Imagination

216 N. Halsted Chicago IL. 60661


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Wishing you a wonderful 2012!

I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for a year filled with wonderful couples and beautiful wedding days.  I am looking forward to all of the joy and love that 2012 will bring.  Happy New Year!

Louboutin-wedding-shoes Wishing you a wonderful 2012!

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Expert Insights with Intertwined Events: Including your family

When planning your wedding, it can feel like a delicate dance between you and your family members while you try to include them in the process, while staying true to what you want for your special day.  Intertwined Events and Becky Hill Photography have some tip and tricks to include the family in the planning process without loosing your mind (or a family member!)

Becky-Hill3-600x400 Expert Insights with Intertwined Events: Including your family

To start, your family is as excited for your wedding day as you are — keep this in mind and celebrate in the excitement with them!

In order to involve your family most effectively, pick specific tasks that each member would not only enjoy being a part of but would also be good at! For example, if your brother loves cars, take him with you to decide on which vehicle will be best for your wedding day transportation needs.  Its always a nice idea to involve your mother and future mother-in-law in small, but important matters that encourage bonding.  For example, have a small “Addressing Party” in which all three of you can have appetizers and drinks and label your wedding initiations.  You will find easy laughter and bonding through an event like this!

Becky-Hill63-600x400 Expert Insights with Intertwined Events: Including your family

We like to stress over-communication in all matters of the heart, family and wedding! As a couple, we encourage you to share your wants and wishes with all of your immediate family members. Most misunderstandings can be avoided by keeping everyone in the know. This will mitigate any chance that a family member has the wrong expectations or believes you may be keeping them out of the process.

Becky-Hill30-600x400 Expert Insights with Intertwined Events: Including your family

Lastly, it never hurts to ask. Some family members will be just fine if you don’t include them in every last detail. Others might really want to be involved with your DIY projects but shut down if a spreadsheet is involved. Don’t force anything but offer opportunities for them to be engaged and a part of this momentous time in your life.

Becky-Hill76-600x397 Expert Insights with Intertwined Events: Including your family

Always remember they love you and want the very best for you. But dont be afraid to let them know (politely) what you want. It is your day and you should love every moment of it from spending time with family and friends to selecting colors and songs!

Have a blast and create lifelong memories with your family in the process!


The Ladies of Intertwined Events & Becky Hill Photography

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